Factors affect talking distance

November 09 , 2020

Two-way radio has been widely used in military,public security, rescue, and other government departments.With the development of economy,there is more demanding of mobile communication, two way radio gradually used in taxi, security,estate management, construction sites,hotels, logistics etc.Today we are going to talk about the factors which affect the talking distance.

What is the talking distance

Talking distance is an important index. But in the wireless communication, there is no concept of Distance, ultra-short wave communication affected by many factors while in use.

For the people who first know two way radio, they have to know more about the factors which affect the distance, then they will have a knowledge of the talking distance. This article will give some tips for you all.


Internal factors

There are many factors that can affect the talking distance, including internal and external factors. The radio itself can affect the talking distance, now we will give brief introduction of internal factors.

Signal mode:digital or analog signal

Literally, the most different thing between analog radios and digital radios is  method of transmitting signals. Except other factors, radios use digital signal for transmitting is more superior than analog radios in anti-interference and signal strength. From this, we can say digital radios is better than analog radios in talking distance.


Output power is a basic index for two way radios. Different powers affect the stability and talking distance directly.Having not consider other factor, the bigger the power is, the longer the talking distance. Without any interference, the talking distance of radios with 5 watts can reaches up 10 km. But acctually it hardly reaches this status.


Usually frequency consist of UHF and VHF. UHF is Ultra High Frequency, the range is 300-3000MHz. VHF is Very High Frequency, the range is 30-300MHz.In the use of two way radio, the range of UHF is between 400-470MHz, while VHF is between 136-174MHz.

Briefly,UHF has strong penetration and suitable for cities with more buildings.On the contrary, VHF is more suitable for open air use or offshore activities.

External factors

There are many factors that can affect the talking range, such as height, barriers, electromagnetic interference etc.


The distance of transmitting signal can be different at same site different heights.People on the Fragrant Hill can talk to people on the high building in Tianjin. They make best use of the height which affect the distance of transmitting signals.


The surroundings has direct effect on the transmitting distance,such as high buildings,trees,vehicles,even the billboard, all of these can absorb or cut off the wireless wave.

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