• Security
    Two-way radios are important tools in security works. Security officers need two-way radio to keep instant communication to keep safe when performing their duties. Two-way radios assist to security officers to communicate with others when something emgergecy happens and transmit emergency alarm to others for them to come to help each other.
  • Climb
    In this special period of time, staying at home for a long time just likes staying in a jail, need something to spirit up. But no gathering, no party allowed, why not go out for climbing to breathe the fresh air in the mountainous area? But in a social distance, how to keep in touch with your peers while climbing? Here our portable two-way radios can solve this problem. Our handheld radio has strong penetration that keep you in touch with each other in the mountainous area. Keep you posted while there is something dangerous happens.
  • Skiing
    Skiing is a cool outdoor activity in winters. It helps you keep healthy and be more energitics. How do you keep youself known to others while there is something emergency happens in such a vast area. Is a smartphone workable in this area ? Absolutely no. Two-way radio can be used in this occasion without any cellur data. It can help you keep in touch with each others and transmit emergency alarm once there is something emergency. It is better to skiing with a handheld radio with you.
  • Logistics
    In order to complete the sucessful operation, the whole team needs to communicate effectively. Logistics has more problems when comes to communications. Because of all the moving parts that made up of their operation and other factors. How to make communication much easier in logistics industry ? Two-way radio is a good choice which makes all the moving parts communicate easily . You can make private call,group call and all call to assign tasks to relative people, One to all mode, which is much more effective.
  • Hotel
  • Construction

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