• Factors affect talking distance Nov 09 , 2020
    Two-way radio has been widely used in military,public security, rescue, and other government departments.With the development of economy,there is more demanding of mobile communication, two way radio gradually used in taxi, security,estate management, construction sites,hotels, logistics etc.Today we are going to talk about the factors which affect the talking distance. What is the talking distanc...
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  • Which type of frequency to choose:VHF or UHF? Apr 12 , 2021
    People are always confused how to choose a proper radio, VHF or UHF The brief answer is : if you use the radios outdoors and in an open areas which are with less obstacles, VHF is a good choice. If you use the radios indoors, booth indoors and out, or outdoors but around buildings, UHF is a better choice. UHF signals don’t travel quite as far outdoors as VHF signals, but they do a better job of pe...
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